ChuneX was founded in January of 2012. From the very beginning, ChuneX had one goal in mind: To provide the best hosting service possible. ChuneX strive to provide the best service and do everything we can to ensure our many clients with a QUALITY web hosting solution that will meet the rising technology demands of today's business society. This includes our strict policy of never overselling. ChuneX does not offer unlimited data/disk space plans. However, when you purchase a service from us, what was advertised is what you get. No matter how little you use, the resources that you bought will be reserved for you. ChuneX NEVER oversell! Although we are not a large company that advertises 3-year contracts at ridiculously low prices and we can't guarantee 5 minute live support from outsourced customer support representatives, we do try to make the difference by sharing a personal connection with our customers. We know all our clients by name, and strive to keep both our support and our service top-notch. Our motto and business model consists of simply "Dedicated Hosting, All the Time."

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