By hosting with PLANETHOSTER, you will get a guaranteed 99.9% up time. 24/7 moitoring and support, a fast and redundant connection, and generous amounts of space/bandwidth at an affordable low price. Our commitment to customer service makes sure that you will have the best possible experience when you host your web site with us.

It is our main scope to keep our customers happy all the time. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and of you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will refund your money anytime with no questions asked!

Montreal, Canada

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Roan Ritchie 7 Oct 19

I have been using Planethoster for a fair while and want to say they are worth your money.

I recently had an issue that was due to my setting something up incorrectly. Robert got back to me within an hour and had already fixed the problem. A very quick turn around; great service as always.

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Brayden Pearse 1 Oct 19

I really like the help from Planethoster, they are quick and responsive to the complaints and problems I have experienced so far, easy to difficult problems. Thank you and continue this best service. Note: for the future I suggest for the price is reduced a bit, because for a newbie like me who just learned a little expensive.

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Agramant Brasseur 23 Sep 19

Support at Planethoster is amazing. All of their agents are friendly, professional, and super fast to respond. It's like having your own support team in your company, couldn't be happier!

I would recommend their services to anyhow who needs a solid hosting solution. I wish I could leave more than just five stars!

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Jan Gerber 30 Aug 19

All perfect. Just he asked me 3 questions and was all. He was fast and all is perfect and working in my site and in my emails.

Very happy with this experience in this site. Thanks again for the help. Sure I´ll use this site for all my ones. Never I had any problem here.

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Leo Costa 28 Aug 19

Technical support is fantastic - unlike previous web hosts I've used. I've contacted them several times for assistance with my WordPress website. They have been very responsive, wait times are short and they fix stuff! Planethoster has been trouble free, excellent value and I'm very glad I made the move from another host.

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Matheus Barros 20 Aug 19

Support is always very helpful and fast and my site has stayed up and running at 100% every single day! Love these guys and gals! I always get quick resolution to any issues I have and they are quick to offer further help even when I may not have been aware that I needed those issues resolved too! Some of the best support I have experienced and I have worked with a few hosting companies!

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Lucas Gregersen 2 Aug 19

I have just moved my business website hosting to Planethoster based on the good reviews they had on the net. I have to say the support so far has been excellent, my website was transferred for me with very little fuss and quickly. I had difficulty transferring my e-mail account but again this was transferred for me by a member of the support team very quickly.

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Faustin Tollmache 24 Jul 19

I love the live chat feature from PlanetHoster, which is always superfast and helpful, this was one of the biggest reasons for me transferring. I like the layout of the admin panel and the fact I can have everything in one place. Thanks for all the support.

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Fenyves Ervin 11 Jun 19

They are a great hosting company. You pay more than some companies, but it seems to be well worth it since support is always willing to help, even if it isn't their problem.

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Yasuomi Kurota 3 Jun 19

The hosting is very reliable and reasonable priced. My website is running smoothly and I've had no downtime. I am a very happy with their level of service and will remain a long-term customer.

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Juuso Leppälä 24 May 19

They were great! They understood what I had done. They have provided detailed instructions on how to update hosting. Their technicians are helpful for 24 hours.

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Philipp Kuefer 21 May 19

This is a good company, easy to work with and good prices. Highly recommended.

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Arber Clément 14 May 19

I have been using Planethoster for both my personal sites, as well as for my work. Great value for the money and great service when I need it. Highly recommend.

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Thorsten Schröder 6 May 19

Their customer support team is excellent, I submitted a ticket and they got back to me right away with the answers I needed to get my website sorted out.

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Connor Porter 29 Apr 19

Planethoster technical support is excellent and they are also rich with different features. And the price of the service is competitive.

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David Wall 24 Apr 19

Very Satisfied, Excellent service and support. Very fast response. Great work indeed.

Very satisfied with customer service.

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Petruos Rosario 16 Apr 19

They provide very excellent and responsive service, knowledgeable staff - when other hosts would just suspend the site for extra server resources usage without warning, they went the extra mile... good uptime and speed, really couldn't complain about anything.

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Charles Small 12 Apr 19

Based on recent and prior interactions with your technical support team, I have been very satisfied with the responses as well as a sincere interest in serving my needs.

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Elisah Noordzij 2 Apr 19

They are great. Super easy to manage and always available. I have been a customer of them now and am very happy. They regularly reprice my plan and upgrade my features to be current with their promotions. Their customer support is excellent.

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James May 28 Mar 19

PlanetHoster CUSTOMER SUPPORT team is excellent, I submitted a ticket and they got back to me RIGHT AWAY with the answers I needed to get my website sorted out.

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Salviano Quezada Amador 18 Mar 19

Been with Planethoster for a fair while and haven’t experienced any type of problems with my site. Their cpanel is simple and also supports SCP, SFTP, FTP, HTTP, SSH and so on. I recommend them!

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Lilly Slapoffski 11 Mar 19

I’m a satisfied customer of this hosting provider now and nothing has gone wrong with my sites. No issues with my home site, codes, business site, personal site. It’s great! Thanks.

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Archie Grayson 11 Jan 19

This company has everything and beyond what I required. Auto upgrades are bonuses from them! Top service so far, I would recommend them to others who are interested in getting quality services at rock-bottom prices.

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Mies Bezuijen 12 Dec 18

Brilliant service. Have hosted multiple domains. The customer service is brilliant again. My emails always get responded back to, even on occasions when I've been not the sweetest customer to tackle.

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Per Lynge 7 Dec 18

24 hour support is awesome! These people know everything, very well trained staff. I've had some mind boggling requests and they always know the solution. They keep me sane. I would never consider switching. I don't know how I survived without them! Great hosting Company!

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Birgit Pfeffer 20 Nov 18

You guys are awesome, so far so good, thanks for your support and high availability.Thanks.

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Oline Kittelsen 23 Oct 18

Just want to say that the price you see is rarely the price you get in the web hosting world. While this holds true for them when the dust settles you are still coming out on top. This host is reliable and well priced. It is good enough for me. And I am fond of having deals with them.

Review Rating
Mijodrag Džombić 19 Oct 18

PlanetHoster is the most amazing website hosting platform that is available for you to use! Without a doubt, this service is affordable. The efficiency from this site host is magnificent. You are the best!

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Maria Dujmovic 16 Oct 18

The system is easy to use, navigate and understand. I have had to use customer support a couple of times. The response time was almost immediate and the support was awesome.

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Marc Švencbir 24 Sep 18

They have phenomenal low prices, professional services and no downtime yet. They also have loads of easy to install apps, which I constantly browse through and use to improve my websites. I recommend this host to my clients daily as they are really great.

Review Rating
Amber Noble 18 Sep 18

Service was courteous, knowledgeable, timely. Absolutely no complaints. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. They are as good as they are spoken about.

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Antoinette Bonenfant 11 Sep 18

Every time I need a support as a beginner they always help me. Quick answer to every chat, their team is very friendly. Good for you.

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Lundy Fortier 22 Aug 18

I have found this company to be the best in the whole IT industry. The customer service is excellent and prompt and I recommend this service to everyone.

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Sienna Newman 21 Aug 18

Stability and reliability are important items of Planethoster company. They have no downtime and prices are competitive. Use them with no doubts.

Review Rating
Liv Madsen 17 Aug 18

I had a good experience with this host and they helped and fixed my email problem very quickly.. I'm very happy with the results..

Review Rating
Brigitte Herz 14 Aug 18

As usual, your Tech Support is always extremely helpful & answers all our questions. We never have to wait long & they take care of whatever issues we are having. We are very happy with this host & tell others of your wonderful Tech Support.

Review Rating
Božidar Franc Horvat 8 Aug 18

This host really does give the best prices out there and I'm 100% satisfied with all the services especially with the ease of use.

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Sofian Janson 27 Jul 18

24/7 Technical Support Team is very very good. They never let me down. for hosting it is no difference for the hardware. But technical support is the most important! I give 5 stars for the team.

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Grétar Ásmundarson 18 Jul 18

Their technicians are great at helping you resolve my issues and give a quick follow-up to make sure I'm ok. I would highly recommend their hosting to every webmaster looking for a reliable web host. The Control Panel has everything I need.

Review Rating
Erik Fischer 11 Jul 18

Planethoster always answers the phone quickly and always provides top notch, helpful support. They are skillful and responsive around the clock.

Review Rating
Luce Dupont 5 Jul 18

The support is quick, helpful and there is NO much hassle in fixing issues, no matter how stupid the questions are from relative beginners like me! They are the best for me.

Review Rating
Szathmáry Patony 2 Jul 18

I am really impressed with your quick response to my problem.

Their technicians are patent and prompt with their assistance.

Review Rating
Cepeda Robledo 27 Jun 18

Super fast support, any ticket needs less than 15 minutes to be reviewed. They also have multi channels for support.

Phone calls, live chat, email ticketing system. Great and reliable.

Review Rating
Clair Dijk 21 Jun 18

Their service seems to be perfect and server is nice and allows me to host my site without concerns. Support provides is great overall and for the price I couldn't get anything better, so if you're looking for quality hosting than Planethoster is the stop for you. Keep up the good work!

Review Rating
Carlo Staus 13 Jun 18

I've just finished setting up my first ever website with this host and I have got a flawless experience!. Their technicians are skillful and helpful for me any time I contact them.

Review Rating
Leo Savage 6 Jun 18

Excellent Service -I would like to thank this company for their excellent service. I am very proud of them, because the speed and agility in addressing has been tasteful to me. And I appreciate them!

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Sandra Holtzmann 31 May 18

This host has a unique user friendly cPanel, easy sign up and various ways to contact them which made my just host experience a great one.

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Ernest Houde 25 May 18

I am very happy with this host and with their customer service and support. They assisted me through all the difficulties I had in transferring my website from another server. They have done their work well for me. I felt understood and supported.

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David Herman 19 Nov 13

I am a happy and loyal user of After a 1+ year with their services they proved premium quality of hosting solutions. I am using litespeed based shared plan located in Canada. You can read my previous review about my first impressions. Now I'll tell what happened last year.

No complaints on server and network speed. Everything is working smooth without packet loss or overloads. All the features provided with plan are delivered perfectly, no glitches. My uptime is 99.94%, its more than fine for me. All downtime is connected with server maintenance I believe. Of course there were negative moments in my experience. Once I stopped receiving e-mails and what a coincidence I waited to important notice from my clients. E-mail lost and when I asked support to fix the issue they made it quickly, trouble was with mail daemon, don't have much details, but now everything is working fine. I asked to resend that mail, so don't worry guys! I saw at WHT thread about what makes hosting provider premium, there were lots of statement and according to big list posted there I can name Planethoster a premium host. They are providing 24/7 fast support, not overloaded servers and good network. And I get everything for reasonable price. Thanks for your assistance, Planethoster team.

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