Koddos is a premium hosting service that specializes in high end hosting. Koddos utilize the latest technologies and high end hardware to provide an environment where your webpages will be served at the fastest possible speed while providing security against ddos and other attacks.

Koddos equipment along with servers is located in California, United States, which is an additional guarantee of quality.

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Jeffrey Gildea 1 Apr 19

I like Koddos offshore vps hosting so far. It's cheap and provide good, reliable service without limitation on space or bandwidth. They have helped us with everything we needed. I like them and highly recommend to others. I am convinced to have chosen the right solution for my needs. I appreciate the service and am thankful for the people who are available to help me when I need it.

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Armand Pelham 7 Mar 19

I am so glad I found this review site! And because of it, I've decided to switch from my previous host (because of much downtime) to Koddos. Service is unbelievable. When I read the reviews, I didn't believe it, but I literally get an answer just minutes after I've e-mailed them... and this is even before I've placed my order! And everything was really set up in an hour. Go with this professional web host because you will not regret a thing!

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Noel Ungar 28 Nov 18

I had never used offshore hosting before. But I was in need for inexpensive service and decided to give koddos ddos protected vps hosting in Hong Kong a try. Good uptime and fast email without glitches were the things I had been looking for. I got that with Koddos. And now that is really hard to find something what is working bad for me in their service. I discovered some nice fellows from their support team. In a few words - they are professionals!

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Dan Noonkester 15 Aug 18

After I had purchased my domain, a Koddos representative called me and told me how to login to the GCC and how to do everything important. I started to make my homepage...and every time I wanted help they were always there for me with the right answer. And now they have upgraded everything so it's even better than before. So I really suggest you use Koddos.

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Royal Oney 16 Jul 18

I have been using koddos ddos protected offshore dedicated hosting plan for over three months and recently moved to another, more resourceful, offshore dedicated hosting plan. In all the months they have been very amazing and I have enjoyed every service given. They respond to tickets, they are ever available to chat and deal timely with any issue.

Everything works fine - thanks for the great service.

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Forest Donathan 5 Jun 18

When I first came to Koddos ddos protected host I was very careful about everything I did. I have had a lot of hosts in my past thats had bad support or died. With Koddos I now know I came to the right place. Koddos is the best hosting out there HANDS DOWN! There support team is beyond great and they are also Online 24/7. If you ever need help they wont ask questions they will jump on it right then and there. They stand by there product and they don’t rip you off. Sure there are cheaper hosts out there but nothing like this. Koddos rips them selfs off for the satisfaction of there customers. If you are looking for a host look no further! Koddos is here for any and all of your Website Hosting needs!!!

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Chris Dalessandro 4 May 18

I got some problems, like my sites were down, a couple of times, I contact the support, and I got very fast my problem solved! I have some experience also with other hosting sites but the proportional between price and quality is much more better with offshore ddos protected web host! I consider for those prices, services are very good.

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Roscoe Brayman 10 Apr 18

I have been with Koddos Offshore Hosting for a couple of months now and have several websites hosted with them and can't fault them, their customer service is first class and when there have been problems they sort them out very quickly and efficiently even giving you a phone call to make sure you are happy. I would recommend them to anyone that needs hosting.

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Schmid Lorencz 7 Mar 18

Koddos web host is truly the best offshore hosting company on the web!! The support and service is second to none. The live, on demand customer service and tech support really blew me away. The representative was more than helpful, and made the experience enjoyable.

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Bradly Auston 13 Feb 18

I went on the recommendation of a friend and now have 2 VPS accounts with and thanks to their pricing and support, am about to add several more at one time. They truly care about your well being and are such nice people. On top of all that their prices are incredible and if you search carefully you can find some awesome coupon codes to get you free domains for life.

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Terrance Gower 11 Jan 18

Their plans have become somewhat bewildering lately so you need to be a little careful with backup arrangements, but I've found their support to be excellent, their up time to be very good, and their accessibility to be total.

All in all, I am happy running my sites with Koddos offshore host.

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Cecilie Christensen 9 Nov 17

Many thanks Koddos team! You very excellent work! Operative and quality!

Friendly technical support. Really try to help! I advise to all, that used your services! And all are happy!

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Jacquenett 20 Oct 17

They have provided me support for every problem in less than an hour and have gone so far our of their way to ensure we are satisfied with their services. Koddos is the one I can rely on - cos their ddos protection is secure.

It is just a great host, i started using it and it has been great for me.

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Palmer Manuel 25 Sep 17

Good web host! Koddos is not only the most affordable web host out there, but their uptime has been great, and I'd say it has been over 99%, and my site hasn't gone down in months.

Reliability is 100% I honestly cannot remember the last downtime.

Highly recommended!

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Artemy K 25 Apr 17

Do not use their service. They are scammers who do not return money for poor quality anti-ddos service.

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Reyong 14 May 14

I want to drop a line about services which I have used for a long while.

This company provides stable offshore services with DDoS protection which makes your servers well DDoS protected. In terms of pricing, it's not high and their technicians are helpful.

My servers didn't experience any downtime.

I'm fond of them and want to be with them as long as possible.

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Betty 14 Sep 11

Being a customer of koddos company I'd like to write some worm words about their services which are beyond praise.

There are no problems in using their services at all and their DDoS protection services makes them secure and safe.

Prices are not high taking into account the amount of offered resources.

And their tech staff is responsive and helpful.

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Zukerman 18 Jul 11

Just perfect company is.

They have packages which suit the needs of any web master and they focus on needs of the individual client. They have good infrastructure, uptime, security and using them you have no serious issues at all

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Rob 21 Apr 11

Offshore services ... well I have never thought it can be so good and quality. Only using I have realized that.

Their services are well-DDoS protected and supported is top-notch and they are not costly.

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Brad 17 Feb 11

Though I have been using koddos for a short while but I want to say that their services are amazing. Have never used such a reliable company than them. Servers are online around the clock. Support helps in many aspects. Services are secure and their DDoS protected hosting is amazing. Recommend them to use to everyone.

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Adam 5 Jan 11

Well I want to say some words about excellent offshore hosting which koddos provides on the high level. There was no downtime on their servers which are supported perfectly well by the team of knowledgeable technicians. I recommend them to everyone if you need quality offshore hosting.

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