Screenshot Company has been working with leasing virtual and dedicated servers since 2008 and in the IT sphere since 2006.

We offer such services as managed and non-managed servers, remote server management, virtual servers with tuned raid1 for the 100% guarantee of our customer’s data safety, free servers for file backuping, video streaming and content delivery networks.

We offer servers on more than 10 stages in various countries of Europe and the USA! Our competent and qualified support will help you to solve any issue each day with no days off.

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Dwain Summers 30 Oct 19

I have a service-aggregator of automobile auctions from Japan plus a shop of contract auto parts, highly competitive niches, the project is more than 15 years old, it takes a lot of space for data storage and a powerful machine so that the websites do not freeze from the load. We took the server in Russia for 320$ / month and immediately set up DDoS protection, in the past often we often suffered from attacks by the competitors. Everything works here, the defense is still holding. A huge plus is that you can additionally add storage space to the tariff.

I'm glad that I didn’t make a mistake.

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Alexis David 22 Sep 19

I came to you from an advice of a friend and I know that I made the right decision. Price, memory, speed, ping... etc. Overall, everything that is so important for a normal functioning website, is available here and is constantly updated. There was a case when the website crashed, although the tech support group restored it all in just 5 minutes! Professionals!

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Johnathan 28 Aug 19

To be honest, I was terribly tired of the irresponsible attitude of my former service provider. Constantly something would be disrupted, there was always some kind of work and other nonsense. I have been working with King Servers for the three months so far. The guys only once conducted technical work for two hours and a week in advance I was warned about it. I recommend everyone to cooperate with them.

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James Allford 18 Jan 19

I would like to share my experience of working with the customer support of King. First, as always I got replies like “check the electricity”. But, it is possible to overcome this barrier simply by writing logs and screenshots immediately in the ticket. And then add this phrase to your request - “if there is an unsatisfactory answer received from you, our cooperation will be over” and voila – there is an excellent answer and a quick solution to the problem, since in general the guys wo

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Tommy B. 11 Dec 18

For us, a definite plus is a lively technical support service that strives to resolve issues of the clients. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to meet such a phenomenon quite often. We have sometimes encountered even disrespectful attitude. However, at King Servers, everything is completely different. I think this is their biggest advantage. Well, the price of course, too. Thank you for the quality services, guys.

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Wilson 2 Dec 18

Thank you for the quality service. I have tried more than one hosting and did not meet such a warm communication from technical support: polite, ask again if there are any questions and really help me. In the previous hoster got nasty and I decided to leave them. thank you

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Mark McMartin 9 Oct 18

We are a state company and it’s so important for our servers to be in Russia. We sent TOR to some companies. After lengthy negotiations we have chosen King Servers. It is a second year of using it already.

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Thomas 26 Sep 18

I lease a dedicated server for six months. There were no problems. Technical support is always available. The speed of the server is good.

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Pol Conon 17 Aug 18

I made an FTP server for my organization so that people from different branches can download quite large PDFs, archives with scanned documents and other work routines back and forth. Аt first, I wanted to raise the server directly in the office, but then I came across King Servers and I have decided to convince my boss to work with the server. Since in the future I also want to raise the CRM and move our website onto it. As a result, I have turned to the technical support group a couple of times and everything was done. The FTP works, and now I am choosing the CRM. The download and upload speed are pleasing, and plenty of space is left. The work is normal, and we'll see how it goes.

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Alex 30 Jul 18

Wszyscy wiedzą, że w wynikach wyszukiwania na pierwszym miejscu zawsze są płatne reklamy. Właśnie dlatego przeskrollowałem kilka stron dalej i wybrałem King-service. Po prostu w oko wpadła mi ta nazwa. Przejrzałem cennik i od razu pojąłem – oto właśnie to, czego szukam – ceny są dość rozsądne

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Simon 18 Jul 18

As to me, I have only positive impressions about this hosting, because my website started to load – JUST THINK OF IT! – twice quicker than on the previous hosting. I want to accentuate that I didn’t do any retunings or changes in the settings. I even didn’t any changes in the WordPress CMS! This hosting was recommended to me by one of my friends that deal with creating websites for his clients. Thank you very much, Alex!

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Brian 24 May 18

You guys are great! A couple of days ago I moved my website to King Servers, and the technical support helped installing my website on a new server very professionally. Thanks a million!

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Helmut 2 May 18

Nach der Fünf-Notenskala kann ich die Zuverlässigkeit des Hostings mit 5 bewerten. Die Schnelligkeit ist hoch, und der Support ist hilfsbereit und schnell. Die Steuerungsweise ist bequem, und das Tarifpläneangebot ist breit und flexibel. Macht weiter so, Kerle!

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Felix 23 Apr 18

I’ve just made an order for hosting at Kingservers. There passed only two days. It’s too early to say something definitive about their work but I got the server having the characteristics specified in the tariff plan. And honesty is a rare commodity nowadays. I’m going to use their services farther.

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Igor 17 Apr 18

Korzystam z tego hostingu już od dawna. Cała oferta mi odpowiada – wysokie szybkości, możliwe do przyjęcia ceny i doświadczone wsparcie techniczne, które zna się na swojej pracy. Teraz już nie będę szukał innych hostingów. Z pewnością tutaj zostanę.

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Albert 10 Apr 18

It’s the most reliable and stable hosting service I’ve ever seen during all the years of my work. Fair and square. Everything specified in the tariff plan will be provided to you completely – speed, server volume etc Especially I would like to thank the support for their promptness and courtesy.

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Ted 4 Jul 16

I got only the positive experience with this hoster, they helped me to move my sites, this help were very serious - I had a glitches and other problems with databases. Now everything is OK, I am happy.

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Nolan 27 Jun 16

I bought VDS-2G-NL. It runs 4 WordPress sites, without any problem. On the previous host I had so many problems - my account were permanently blocked for exceeding resources, etc. So, I went to King Servers and now all works fine.

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Almaz Tools 10 Jun 16

I like kingservers. I hold 3 sites on VDS. My sites is always available. Respect!

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DeusPost 4 May 16

KingServers was recommended to me by a good friend who was used their service for many years. And I've more than 10 months using this service. I mainly use them to host my site at VPS (VPS-NL-2G). If you're a web-designer, I'd recommend a heartbeat. You can install so many scripts with a couple of mouse clicks.

What really shines, is their support! I'm somewhat technically challenged:) and I needed help with setting up VPS for my sites. The patience and friendly guidance from these guys really struck me as superior.

They have a great support, nice value for money, cool uptime and I would really recommended KingServers. If you're looking for a VPS-hosting, this is beat one.

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