CentoHost has been one of the leading web hosting service providers since 2002. We use the latest Dell server technology in our own data center to ensure that our customers get the best performance out of their websites. Our wide selection of web hosting services will cater to your hosting needs whether you're making a small, simple website, or a high powered, high traffic website. Our main goal is to provide the best technology available with exceptional customer support. With a large client base comes a diverse range of Web hosting requirements. We have tailored our company around these needs by providing flexible and scalable services.

These services include:

Shared Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Virtual Private Servers

Dedicated Servers

Domain Registration

Our efforts and focus are always directed to our clients and their needs. We will continue to maintain ourselves as affordable, complete Web hosting provider, while maintaining a solid infrastructure, secure environment, unfailing and redundant connection, and superior client support.

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Hosting Reviews for CentoHost

Fausto Hatcher 13 Nov 19

Thanks Centohost web host. After being hosted with a few other site hosts and found that the services they provided were both annoying and incomplete, it feels great to have a host who takes care of your every need and makes sure you're wellbeing is taken into consideration. Recommend centohost hosting service to everyone I know as a secure and safe host to be with. No overselling. Really nice host.

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Benedict Kubiak 11 Jan 19

They have great polite staff and that is why it was pleased to communicate with. I really appreciate all the work that they did for me. Thank you CentoHost team. I run my site at High Speed VPS account - pay $5/mo for 20 GB - HD, 2 GB - RAM, Unmeterted bandwidth (instant setup). Really cool pricing. So far they have been excellent. I've had to contact support a few times and on all occasions my questions was replied very promptly. Hope everything keeps going the same way and I do not have problems like what I've had with some other hosts.

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Colin Roberts 3 Jul 18

My hosting experience has been wonderful since switching to Centohost and their dedicated server service.

I didn't have any problem to manage my sites. It provides me great customer support, uptime, reliability and also flexibility in terms of unique features, tools and much resources. Ticket Support response times are usually less than 3 hours with resolution times dependent on the issue within another hour or two of the initial response. Everything is very easy to use and they give you many resources for the small price they charge.

Highly recommend CentoHost dedicated server hosting to other webmasters.

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Elvis Mulhern 7 Jun 18

I Have been creating websites for family and friends for about 5 years now. I have used several web hosts for hosting and was not happy. I happened upon Centohost dedicated server hosting service by chance and luck. After finding out more about centohost, it did not take long to decide to move all my sites to centohost Dedicated Hosting. And, I can honestly say, after over 3 months as a customer of centohost, I am treated like the most important customer they have. Even though I know I am very small compared to the rest of their customers, I am treated like I am the biggest.

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Patrick Unger 12 Mar 18

I just wanted to recommend Centohost - great staff provide the exceptional service and services provided to me over the last few months. Must say their support has been instantaneous and simply world-class. I have been with over 10 Webhosts in my time and honestly I wish I'd found centohost sooner!!!

I also transferred my files to their dedicated server package and their techs helped me professionally without hesitation. I am satisfied with the service.

It is by far one of the best WebHosts in Europe for support, pricing and product offerings!

I honestly recommend them without hesitation to everyone I know.

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Miller Muir 25 Dec 17

For me it is the principal aggregate value. One of the best things from Centohost is the impressive, fast and very professional guaranteed 24/7 support, within one hour, guaranteed - I have never wait for more that 10 minutes for a response. This is true!

Great features. Their prices are great but not the cheapest.

I rate reliability and support as more important than subtle differences in pricing plans.

Steady so, dudes!

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Campbell Pinette 1 Dec 17

I wanna say that with CentoHost, you don't have to pay a pricey amount to experience quality service, uptime guarantee, and easy to use features and tools. Their staff are always there to assist you, 24/7.

I love how fast their servers are. Surely this is one of the reasons why my visitors keep on coming back to my site. There are no hidden charges as well with centohost. I hope that they'll keep this up.

Good job (very professional).

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Carol Rhodes 26 Oct 17

So far I have experienced top notch support with excellent professionalism by Centohost team. And they also own and control their own datacenter. They are the best hosting provider I have come across in a while. They have won awards for their great service.

I use their dedicated server hosting service and really enjoy my experience dealing with centohost team. Pleasant to deal with, great 24/7 support services and very professionals.

Try them out, you will not be disappointed.

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Frank R. Carpenter 6 Oct 17

I decided to order dedicated server plan at Centohost as I've read good comments about the quality of their hosting services. Excellent pricing for a lot of room and features, nice control panel with a load of features.

These guys are willing to walk not just an extra mile but five more miles with you. We had problems with domains transfer, but their IT guy has been very patient with us. He simply didn't quit until our problems had been resolved.

My blogs, forums and e-commerce sites have never been faster. I'm a very happy customer. Thanks so much!

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Dinh Quang Cam 24 Aug 17

I'd like to say Centohost is a good host, and I've recommended them to several people who now also use them and are impressed with their uptime and website speeds. Updates are provided on a timely basis and they provide regular correspondence to us.

When I contact support the reaction time is awesome and the way these people are willing to work with/for you is amazing. Their claim that their support is the fastest in the world might well be true.

Centohost web hosting is the best. RECOMMENDED

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Rohit Hazen 25 Jul 17

Hey guys, I want to share my experience with I have been hosting my site at their shared hosting account for several months and can say they are much better than the hosts I'd dealt with. Great uptime and speed connectivity. They are professionals.

Very strong side of hosting - tech support. Their support is responding rapidly and competently, people are very polite. There are no downtime and I and my clients are really happy dealing with Centohost team.

I'm confident enough with centohost to transfer all of my sites with them - both personal and business.

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Wyatt Ruel 5 Jul 17

Now I am finally happy with my host. Centohost is perfect one.

I run my e-shop on Cube Cart app - it has so many useful features for e-commercing.

Pricing is good and they offer much resources within their hosting packages. Speed is fast.

Their support staff are generally helpful and unusually knowledgeable - probably the best of any hosting company I've experienced so far. Response times are not always quick, especially on weekends, but the overall time to solve a problem is good because they don't waste time asking stupid questions.

Centohost is the host to recommend without any doubt!

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