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Aspiration Hosting is a privately owned 100% debt free based hosting company founded in 2008 and has no intentions of selling any time soon.

Aspiration Hosting is specialized in Premium Web Hosting services, such as Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Hosting and Dedicated Hosting services as well as reselling SSL Certificates and Domain Name registrations. We deliver enterprise level solutions at affordable price to suit the needs of businesses as well as individuals around the globe.

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Vitor Pinho 23 May 19

Been with them since 2012 and have yet to find something to complain about. Hosting is fast (superfast if using Litespeed Cache) and support is always responsive.

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Kurtis 23 Jan 15

Terrible experience with Aspiration. They charged us for an SSL renewal but never renewed the SSL which cost us many lost sales.

We eventually had to move hosts and order a new ssl in order to get the matter resolved.

Support and management were useless in trying to fix the problem.

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Aspiration Hosting's Response

Unfortunately we need to say that Kurtis is far from being honest in this review.

The SSL renewal was processed but the client did not click on the approver link sent to him which is clearly stated in our instructions to him and is also a standard procedure to obtain a SSL Certificate.

The client did not contact us in our helpdesk or by email about the issue as otherwise we would have been able to resolve this easily.

Lastly, the client initiated a chargeback for his full year of hosting fee as well as the SSL Certificate fee with the false reason that he did not recognize the transaction.

Ella Johnson 23 Nov 14

Aspirations have been hosting my website for 2 years. They provide outstanding customer service, support and reliability.

I have been online since 1999 with 2 other website & hosting companies but Aspirations is the best 2nd to none. You will not be disappointed and tell them we sent you. (We receive no commissions or rebates for saying so.)

Thank you Aspirations for being above the rest in the online world!

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Tony Randal 13 Mar 14

We had our Magento website hosted by Aspiration Hosting. They did an upgrade to their servers and deleted our MySQL database that had every product, user account, website content and payment details on it. I contacted support and they were unable to get the database back even though they admitted to deleting it. Needless to say they completely took my online store offline for good. Terrible company, in 10 years of business they are the worst company I have ever dealt with.

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Aspiration Hosting's Response

We did a server upgrade about eight (8) months ago which involves moving the client's account to another server. We kept backups for the old server for 4 to 6 months to prevent isolated incidents like this.

The client contacted us about two (2) months after the server move to complain that their website is not accessible. We noticed that his domain is still pointed to the old server which is no longer accessible and as such requested him to point his domain to the correct server IP (his domain is not using our nameservers).

As we did not hear of any further complaints, we removed the backup for the old server around 4 to 6 months after the server move.

The client contacted us eight (8) months stating that his website is down and after investigation we noticed that his MySQL database is empty (while files are all intact). We went through our MySQL Backup which we keep for one (1) month and we cannot find any traces of the database in the backup.

This is an unfortunate incident where there is nothing that we can do as we are not notified of any issues until eight (8) months later but we did what we could which is to compensate the client for six (6) months of free hosting service.

Brad Liebentritt 12 Aug 13

Very hard to get support! You have to submit a ticket and wait hours for some foreign tech to tell you to wait longer, they need to review the problem!

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Aspiration Hosting's Response

I went through the client's ticket and I can see that they are all promptly handled.

Our Technical Support Department is available 24x7x365 while all other departments are not.

We also offer Live Chat support which is almost 24x7 (we only disable live chat when we have higher than usual ticket load as we still prioritize our helpdesk over live chat).

Our staffs are spread out around the world which allows us to provide a 24x7x365 coverage so depending on the time of the day, some techs providing support may not be US based.

I would also like to point out that we have upgraded our support recently and all technicians are now of Level 3 (even those who manned live chat!). We no longer hire any Level 1 or 2 technicians even for basic support questions so all tickets and chats are handled only by expert!

Sergio Alfaro 27 Feb 13

I have two aspiration hosting UK accounts. Both of them works perfectly.

The support help me so much with very fast replies.

All my websites loads very fast, I have good First Byte Time here in Spain from the UK hosting.

Very happy too with the free DNS that works ok with my magento stores and wordpress blog, very well documented for how activate this services. Good work AH.

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jonas 5 Nov 12

want to host a mage site here? - dont do it. the mage support DOES NOT EXIST. the support in general is comical and incompetent. once the poor support trainees they hire fail enough to the point that you issue a terse email requesting better support you will get "flagged" - which means you get shuttled to this guy whos singular job it is - is to tell you they DO NOT SUPPORT MAGENTO...over and over....truly a joke. if you want a real mage host go to the mage benchmark sites and you will find one. i did and its awesome

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Aspiration Hosting's Response

As we have stated clearly in our website, we only provide Basic Support for Magento. We mainly provide support for server related issues while application issues should be handled by your web developer.

It is false to say that we tell you we do not support Magento. We do support basic issues but not complex issues, codings, etc which are the responsibilities of your web developer.

Tyler C. Frank 30 May 12

This is a follow up to the review I posted a day ago. Aspiration hosting has still not restored my service from their mistake as well as my email being down. I have requested several times for my email to be fixed and they have not fixed it. They keep giving me the run around. This has cost me thousands of dollars in site building costs as well as punitive damages for my business email being down. I would highly suggest not going with this company based on my experience. I have had nothing but problems since paying for their service.

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Aspiration Hosting's Response

The user was using another company's email service and not ours. We managed to track down the MX record of the other company and fixed his email "issue".

We also restored all files and database from our daily backup and compensated the client for the error/mistake in our system.

Nathen 26 Mar 12

I happy with their hosting. It is their business side that I am in a loop and I can’t get out. I wanted a better host than their old one. I got burned on the old one by pre-paying for a year and them refusing to refund a dime when a moved. So I paid for a month to check Aspiration out, figuring I could/would do auto billing for a while.

And there is the rub. You can only set up auto-bill during a specific window of time in the month. If you are busy running your actual business, the window comes and goes before you think about it, and they shut your site down 5 days after the billing cycle is over.

Once you are past due, you cant set up auto-pay, and the cycle repeats. I don’t know why anyone would not make automatic billing difficult. They seem good on the hosting side but act small time on the business side.

They say they are sending reminder emails. Well, I am not getting them. Do they really think I want my website down?

And I just paid the late invoice. While my website was turned on promptly, it is screwed up now.

Note to Aspriation since I know you read these. For the love of God, fix this! I am trying to run a business here. I don’t want to spend time during the month wondering about where in the billing cycle I am with you so that I can sign up for auto pay. I want it done now.

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Aspiration Hosting's Response

Just to clarify that this is not an "issue" and need not be fixed.

We have worked out a solution for the client by now. :)


UPDATE: We can now store and process credit card directly so issues like this will no longer occur.

Posy Lane 27 Feb 12

They are currently my host and on a monthly plan. I was a few days late this month and with no emails warning me, they dropped my hosting. So I go looking for a way to link a credit card or some way to automatically pay, and they don't appear to have a way. This is very bad service.

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Aspiration Hosting's Response

The client's hosing account was suspended due to non-payment. We sent multiple emails to the client and provided a 5 days grace period before the hosting account was suspended.

Auto-payments can also be setup easily with PayPal Sbscription or 2CheckOut Recurring Billing (direct credit card):-


UPDATE: We can now store and process credit card directly so issues like this will no longer occur.

Robert 19 Jul 11

I just purchased some shared hosting from yesterday. Today, two things happened. My login account was mysteriously deleted out of nowhere. My server was still up, but I couldn't login to my website account to access cPanel. So I contacted live chat support. It took them over an Hour to respond and tell me to send an email to their billing department. I get an immediate response saying: Your email to our support system could not be accepted because it was not recognized as coming from an email address belonging to one of our customers. If you need assistance, please email from the address you registered with us that you use to login to our client area.

So basically I am completely shut out. I would not recommend AspirationHosting to anybody who wants reliability.

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Aspiration Hosting's Response


As I have explained to you in your ticket with us, we are unsure why but somehow a few orders and accounts are somehow removed from our system.

We suspect that it may be a bug somewhere with the billing system (WHMCS) or the modifications/extensions and we are working with their support team to resolve this issue.

I assure you that we will issue a full refund as soon as we got this sorted out as we have no reasons to keep your money. We cannot issue the refund currently because there are no proper records for accounting purposes.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you as the issue is happening only to a few clients which we have contacted and explained to them.

Thank you.



Just to update that we have managed to track down the cause of this issue and it should be resolved now. The issue was caused by some incompatibilities with a new extensions that we are developing which will link our billing and forum system with one login information only.

You should now be able to access your Client Area with the new password that has been sent to you.

I have provided you with a full refund. In addition to that, I have also provided you with a one month credit (total of two months) for you to try out our services. You are free to request for cancellation at anytime if you are unsatisfied with our services down the road.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused as this is the first time we have ever faced such issue with a few clients.

Thank you.

Richard 28 Dec 10

I have two magento store on Aspiration Host and their services rock. I had to use their support for a problem on my side that had nothing to do with their hosting and their response was very fast and even on live support they were very patient to explain to me all I had to do.

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Kathy L 10 Jun 10

I saw the reply from Aspiration Hosting concerning my poor review. Looks like they only looked at two of the seven tickets. Believe me, neither I nor my web designer have changed my sign in info, let alone on purpose. I resent the fact that this was assumed. They never mentioned the fact that I have not been able to access their website for the past couple days. Even when you use their chat all they do is tell you to submit a ticket, why bother with a chat? I cannot submit a ticket if I cannot even access their site, let alone access my cPanel. Before they say this, it is not an issue with my cache. I have tried to access their site from several machines. They can blame all they want but the bottom line is that their support is very poor, at least in my case it has been. When will their site be back up so that I can submit a ticket?

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Aspiration Hosting's Response


As I have said, our website is loading fine at all times with no downtime at all.

Please do contact me directly at James [at] if you still cannot access our site as your IP may be blocked by our firewall for some reason.

As for the login information of Magento, do take note that we do try to help you out as much as we can but we are only providing basic support for Magento so you and your web designer/developer should be able to reset the password of your own script (eg. it can be reset through the MySQL database).

We are fully responsible in handling your hosting side of issues but for issues of third-party script like Magento, we do help you on a best effort basis but you need to understand that we do not handle your script 100% as we are not handling the web development of your website.

Our past reviews speak for themselves and as such I believe this is a misunderstanding and I will gladly try to resolve whatever issue that you are facing.

Thank you.



Kathy L 10 Jun 10

It took me seven support tickets to get across to them that I could not sign into my Magento site. Now I can't even get to their website and it's been two days that this is happening! I can't get to my cPanel! Doubt that I will stay with them.

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Aspiration Hosting's Response


I have just gone through the user's ticket and I noticed that the user requested us to wipe out his/her Magento install and install a newer version of Magento for him/her.

We have performed the installation as requested but the user then states that he/she was not able to login to his/her Magento store even though it was working for some time, which is out of our control as the user's designers, etc may have changed the passwords accidentally or purposely and we do try to help the user reset his/her Magento password.

Our website is working fine all the while and if the user cannot get access to his/her cPanel, it is most likely due to his/her IP being blocked by the server's firewall after multiple failed login attempts due to reasons like wrong username or password.

I hope this will clarify the situation here. The user can contact us at our Feedback department and request it to specifically marked to me if he/she wants to discuss this further.

Thank you.



Brian 5 May 10

I have been using Aspiration Hosting for about a month now and they have been great. The prices are cheap and thus great for me since I'm just getting started. They respond to support tickets very quickly, usually in a few hours, but never longer than 24 hours. My server hasn't gone down at all while I have been using them. The applications they make available could not be easier to install. I haven't really been with them long enough, nor do I have the technical expertise to make a great assessment on many of the aspects that go into web hosting, but I can tell just from their great customer service that I have chosen a great host that I will most likely stick with until my needs exceed their services, which they may never.

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Scott 14 Jan 10

I've given Aspiration all perfect scores, simply because they offer great prices, speed, and support. I've only had one tedious issue related to not being able to save bundle products on Magento properly. The team at AH worked endlessly to find a solution, and they did. Might I add, they worked on the issue for a long time, never once getting frustrated with me as a client. My magento store is now running super smooth and I hope to have a long and prosperous relation with AH.

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Link Flash Inc. 13 Jan 10

Being a former IT Manager and Semiconductor Engineer I am a stickler for web host providers; and I did a lot of shopping. Believe you me there are many, many choices in the world of web host providers. But is there a provider that can provide more than the rest; someone that sticks out among the masses?

I have three words to say about Aspiration Hosting: excellent customer support. Customer support is such a valuable asset because whether we like it or not; we're going to have technical difficulties. Either settings, configurations, installation, or maintenance: there are so many places for something to go wrong. But in my work with Aspiration Hosting I see nothing but solid, experienced, and smooth transactions. I am in the middle of hosting several sites: one to include an intense ecommerce application; and I have no worries. I know that Aspiration Hosting has me covered.

In this day and age we are faced with many choices; especially being a business owner. But every now and then we get a break. I find my break in Aspiration Hosting.

It's during these trying times that proves a service provider worthy of their customers. Excellent pricing, excellent services, and excellent support.

Thank you for your excellence!

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Jim Marquardson 4 Jan 10

Setup was really quick. I thought I would have to spend many hours setting everything up, but it only took a fraction of the time with the tools they provided. Everything worked fine. I had read a lot of negative reviews of shared Magento hosting, but Aspiration has really optimized their service for performance. I have no complaints.

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vedran 31 Dec 09

I just bought hosting plan at aspirationhosting but i'm very impressed with their service.

I tried many others to host my magento like mediatemple, NEXCESS.NET and some others but all of those providers have some leaks or in case of mediatemple, it's almost impossible to run magento store on (gs) but for same money in aspirationhosting you get incredibly fast and reliable service + much faster support..

i would definitely suggest aspirationhosting to everyone!

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jungleshop 12 Dec 09


just wanted to talk about the hosting solution I use, which is Aspiration Hosting. Today they have literally saved my life after a big mistake I made which ruined my whole site.

Now, you know what's best? they solved in just 5 minutes. 5 minutes! can you believe it?

So herewith I would like to recommend anyone who is looking for a host or is unhappy with his to go to aspirationhosting. they really are good. Also good prices, high download speed... for me the best and I always recommend it to everybody.

merry xmas to all!

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Faisal 11 Nov 09

If you are looking for the best host provider.. than being with Aspiration Hosting will be the best decision you can make.

Why are they best for me?

- Excellent support (they are an example of how support should be - if you want to improve your company's support department - follow there methods of responding and how they handle tickets)

- Excellent guidance in decision making regarding applications.

- Excellent Back-up. You will value this when something bad happened by accident or by intension.

- Excellent application/website hosting. Fast!

With time i have developed trust in them and believe that they put honest effort in providing best hosting for business.

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scyllar 5 Nov 09

So far so good! Thanks for the good job!

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Ronald Lee 31 Oct 09

Been with Aspiration Hosting for just a week and my sites hosted with them unfortunately breached the cpu use.

But thanks to the helpful admin support, they didn't suspend my account and left me hanging, I was notified about the issue and given time to rectify the problem.

Support is fantastic and fast. My sites load faster compared to my previous host. Price range for the package is reasonable. I would gladly be their customer for a long time.

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Keeley 26 Oct 09

Aspiration Hosting, has been the best host I have found yet, their service is reliable, support is second to none, and my overall experience has been wonderful thanks Aspiration Hosting, you truly are an amazing host!

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pixemia 18 Oct 09

Really very good!! I have tried more than 10 hosting and they are the best!!

good support, really 24/7. they reply you very fast.

pixemia from Spain!

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Jeremy Huang 9 Oct 09

These guys are great. Setup is almost instantaneous. Support is through live chat. My wordpress sites are snappy. They are a little on the expensive side but worth the premium.

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Ahamed Sha 13 Sep 09

really remarkable service. they go all out to help out whenever you are facing probs. great great service. i have been with a few popular web host but the support and ease of use is nowhere near to aspiration.

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Owen H 11 Sep 09

Good guys. Know what they're doing. Solve problems quickly. Great value.

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julian tai 26 Jun 09

Godlike speeds

Good Support

Nice people


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Luis Alberto Saulny Gorostieta 4 May 09

GREAT SERVICE I recommend 100% they help you to create excellent ecommerce magento sites.

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Kevin S 3 May 09

I have been with Aspiration Hosting for a couple of months now, and I think they are a top line host! All of my trouble tickets have been answered with in a few minutes, and which surprised me, because they didn't even pertain to Aspiration Hosting service they were for third party scripts, so support is AWESOME! I have not had a single second of downtime since I have been with Aspiration, my site loads nice and fast, which shows me that Aspiration has some very nice fast and stable servers! Thanks Aspiration Hosting, I plan on being with you indefinitely at this point.

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scyllar 2 Apr 09

Over 3 months use, and I am extremely happy with them. I am on the shared plan, and I got a testing ecommerce site using magento. The speed is average, and I did not experice any down time. In fact AH once notified me about a server down time and proposed credit, but I did not realize it until days later, so I missed the allowed hours to utilize the credit. I think it is nothing important and appreciate their notification, which proves their honesty in business. I think there are few reasons that probably make me continue to stay with them in a fairly long time. 1. unlimited features for limited budget, with decent storage & bandwidth, which is extremely favorable if you are newbie to magento or you have multiple projects to test; 2. really serious and helpful support that never kicks the ball around; 3. fairly reliable installer will save you tons of time & puzzles if you want to use magento( BTW I want to say you MUST always create backup of magento DB in the admin panel along with full magento file structure because I once experienced failure to restore DB dump created with its installer backup tool).

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Teri Brown 30 Mar 09

I have been with Aspiration Hosting for almost 5 months and couldn't be happier. Excellent support and very fast servers.

This is one host that I would not hesitate to recommend, and have done so!

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Aaron 6 Mar 09

I've only been using Aspiration Hosting for a couple of weeks, but so far it's been very good. The support is phenomenal. The owner has responded to my questions himself most of the time, and always in a very timely and polite manner. Have had no downtime yet, and the speed is very impressive for shared hosting.

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David Grunblatt 22 Feb 09

Now in days nothing beats excelente support. Its been only a few weeks since I moved from my old host because the poor support and I'm very happy si fare. Also its a big plus that the guys there know Magento and their servers compatibility is great, also fine speed. David

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Victor 12 Feb 09

Good and perfect hosting for magento. Fine speed and support.

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Bill Burkhardt 11 Feb 09

If you are looking for a Magento commerce host, Look No Further. Aspiration Hosting is the best I have found for Magento with excellent speed and prompt support.

James L went out of his way for a few hours getting a Magento bug workaround solution working for me. Most host would just tell you it's not our software or the like.

Keep up the great work James :-)

Now if they would only support a .Net site ;-)

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Bjorn Heg 31 Jan 09

I really like this host, they are fast have good support and beyond expectation they changed some php.ini settings so my scripts would work.

They provide good backup options even for your sql databases.

Fast ftp access and good pricing plus 24 hour support.

I can highly recommend this host.

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Luis Alberto Saulny Gorostieta 7 Jan 09

Aspiration hosting is the best Magento and hosting I have ever tried in 12 years of developing software, they have a team that really want to help you and create good business relationships... I like the service and the support.!!

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Scyllar 7 Jan 09

Magento is poorly supported from its community, and I sign up for AH partly because I hope I can get support when in trouble. Now I really like this new hosting company.

Had two tickets with them and the support is good. James himself often takes care of the support ticket.

Price is reasonable for me, and I look good on their upgrade options, like dedicated IP, SSL as well as more space and bandwidth @ reasonable price. Growing business will allow more flexibility in budget, but the key is painless upgrade.

Keep up the good job!

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David Hatch 6 Jan 09

Sorry, so far I have nothing bad to say about this host, I got the host because I wanted a Magento Partner Host, and I have been fantasically impressed.

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Brian McCormack 27 Dec 08

I am relatively new to this but have worked with a couple of hosts prior. I decided I want to try Magento for a shopping cart and had trouble with two other providers before i found Aspiration. They were great in getting in installed for me and even helped with questions I had while setting it up. I am still in the process of setting up my content but it is working great.

I really appreciated the help.


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Luiz Amaral 8 Dec 08

My poor English did not permit to explain their quality. Have 2 months I hosting my Magento Store and very happy with their support and quality.

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Yaani-Mai Gaddy 31 Oct 08

Very reasonable pricing.

I had a shared hosting account with one of the major web hosting companies. It was fine for several Joomla sites I have. I started using Magento which is a bit of a resource hog. The page load time was absolutely terrible. I had to switch hosting companies.

I thought I would give Aspiration Hosting a try. You should visit my site! It has extremely fast page load time. I am so happy with it. It is a joy to work on now I don't have to wait forever for the server to accept the changes I submit.

Thanks Aspiration Hosting!

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Justin 21 Oct 08

I have been dealing with many hosting companies and these guys are good. They respond time is instant.

Furthermore, their price compared to what they are giving is perhaps the cheapest among all.

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Scott Collingwood 30 Sep 08

I was shocked to have a Magento store installed (perfectly) within 24 hours. I was kept up-to-date via email of the progress. I'm sold on Aspiration !

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BernieD 23 Sep 08

Amazing, in less than 24 hours I had a fully functioning website for my client. The support and response time was within minutes.. Why do it yourself when you have Aspiration as a trusted partner

Review Rating
david,moon 3 Sep 08

I would like recommend Aspiration web hosting They provide great customer support and almost real time I have no doubt this web host is the best I've ever had...

Review Rating
Bill Low 2 Sep 08

I like most about this hosting company is that they provide near instant support. Whenever I have any difficulties they will support me with all their effort. The pricing is also very reasonable. Keep it up!

Review Rating
sylesh 2 Sep 08

The best ever hosting service I have got!

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