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Holdfire Network made it's start in October of 2005 and is based out of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Holdfire Network was created when we found out how hard it was to find a decent hosting company that offered affordable hosting packages on stable servers. So when Holdfire Network started, we wanted to give our customers the ability to have a substantial amount of disk space and bandwidth for an excellent price, without compromising on quality.

In February of 2006, after having built a stable and profitable customer base, we decided to expand and offer larger packages, while still keeping our attractive pricing in place. Over a year later and now in the new year, 2007, we are yet again expanding on our packages by giving clients the ability resell hosting to their own specifications. Not only that but we've increased the package sizes of our current packages to accomodate the growing need for space and bandwidth.

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Marie 25 May 12

Holdfire was a good host right up until mid 2011, where the original owner stopped updating any of the social network accounts for the company, and in the following months, uptime continually decreased until at one point in February 2012, my site was reverted to its state in either 2008 or 2009. At which point I knew that due to a lack of available support and multiple online forum postings indicating that others were having the same issues, the company had gone under.

Sure, their selling domain is still up, but they have not answered any support tickets, nor is their support website functional for previous customers (it now connects to "flaredhost").

If you are thinking about using Holdfire (now Flaredhost, apparently?) RUN AWAY. Something is very fishy.

I jumped ship back to Dreamhost in February 2012.

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Dayna 6 Jan 10

I've been with Holdfire for half a year and I have to say their service is pretty good. Support tickets are usually responded quickly.

Issues with the servers are also being dealt with in a reasonable amount of time. In addition, staff of Holdfire are polite and friendly. They are very approachable.

The price of the hosting packages are also very attractive. For a student like me, the plan gives me enough space and bandwidth for my website and I'll never be able to finish up using all of them. The buyout contract has also given me additional cost savings when I switched to Holdfire. :)

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Hannah 6 Jan 10

I have been with Holdfire for a little over a year. I have been on their servers Ocean (no longer part of the network) and Dharma. I am on a custom reseller package which is priced very reasonably and can be adjusted by me at any time.

The little downtime I've had (at most for half an hour) has been quickly fixed. Support is quick to answer tickets and Twitter tweets.

I recommend Holdfire every chance I can get.

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Ben 5 Jan 10

I have been a client of Holdfire's for quite a number of years now and have seen both the staff at the company and the professionalism of the company go from strength to strength.


Throughout my 2+ years at Holdfire, I have only know my sites to go down a couple of times, during these times they have only been short and the staff at Holdfire have reacted extremely quickly to get the sites back up.


No question is too stupid or little for the support team at Holdfire. The team respond quickly and politely to all tickets, and help in any way they can. From helping you with your services to even helping with problems in setting web applications up on your services e.g. WordPress. The best support team I have ever had the pleasure of having.


Everything you could ask for Holdfire provide. The packages vary in size and features, but there is something for everyone. From people looking for professional reseller packages which offer them full control to simple shared hosting packages with just the basics. Holdfire is very good at listening to what their customers want, and then providing something which is most suitable for them.


The pricing at Holdfire is perfection. You get all of the great services that I discussed at the greatest prices.

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Aisling 5 Jan 10

I really love Holdfire. I've been hosted with them for almost 2 years. If you were to ask me the last time that I had any downtime with them, I would not be able to tell you, it happens so infrequently.

The support is excellent. They not only assist with hosting questions, but also with scripts on my site such as WordPress, which in my opinion is going above and beyond since this is a service we obviously don't pay for, with such low prices.

Holdfire is perfect for my student budget, costing less than a month's worth of rent for a year's worth of hosting. I recommend HF to all of my friends and clients.

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Megan 17 Aug 09

Holdfire is the worst host I have ever been with, and this is coming from someone who was previously with Lypha. I switched to Holdfire to get away from them, and entered a whole new nightmare. I thought Lypha had downtime? HA! Holdfire is 10x worse. The downtime is constant, and it happens frequently to all servers. In June a total of 18.5 hours of downtime were caught (and remember that's only what was registered, smaller periods of time were not caught) totaling only a little over 97% uptime for the month. And that's not even the worst I've had since I signed up there.

Their support is also lacking. If you do manage to get a hold of someone, you'll only be met with rudeness. Their prices are *wonderful* but don't let that fool you. They never know what's going on, and when they do they usually don't bother to tell anyone, and rarely acknowledge any downtime even though it's impossible to miss. Unless price is your only concern, and you don't care whether it's a good host or not, stay far away from Holdfire.

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Armando L. 1 Aug 09

Their service has been great! I run the latest Wordpress blog with forums and photo galleries and their servers perform outstandingly! Their servers are really reliable and have never had any downtime on any of my domains hosted with Holdfire.

Customer service is also excellent! Each ticket I have submitted has been answered fast and answered correctly. It is the first time where i felt customer service for a hosting company has really tried their hardest on helping me with issues, and they have! I have recommended this holdfire to my associates and friends, and will recommend it to anyone.

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Darnielle 10 Jun 09

The lack of professionalism that both the owner and the staff members of Holdfire show is absolutely astounding. As a client, I experienced the feeling of being completely undervalued. Whenever I submitted a support ticket, the replies I received were in a tone that made it seem like the staff member was annoyed that I had yet another issue. After I terminated my account with Holdfire, I was subsequently blamed for all the issues that the server was having before I left. When I protested this accusation (being completely unaware that it was "my fault"), I was personally attacked and called ignorant and a liar.

The only positive thing I have to say about Holdfire is that you get what you pay for... and I don't know if that's actually a positive thing.

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Lee Doyle 6 Nov 08

I have been with Holdfire for over 6 months now. In that time I have had good speeds and no problems.

When I did have a problem I found Holdfires support to be the worst I have ever had to deal with. My website was shut down with no warning and not any type of answer was given to me for why it was shut down.

I contacted Holdfire using their Help Desk feature and waited. I waited a full 7 hours for a reply and was told that one of my pages used to much power and they shut the whole website down.

I asked why I was given no responce for 7 hours and they told me that they give NO WARNINGS when a site us suspended, they wait for the customer to contact them.


1. 7hs waiting on support tickets.

2. No other way to contact support.

3. NO warnings given when sites are suspended.

4. No refunds after 14 days no matter what happens.

I have now switched to a company that offer real support. I thought I was paying for support with Holdfire but now see that they are only good when things are going right... When things may go bad they run away.

This is a 100% real reply (Nothing edited or removed)

1.) We do not provide phone support, so you will never be contacted outside the realm of our support desk

2.) Your site was suspended for a mere 7 hours--this would not affect your advertisers listed on your site, especially since the suspension was made during non-business hours. We're more than aware of how advertisers work, and we can assure you that the mere suspension you dealt with due to violating our terms of service, is hardly going to have any affect with your "Advertisers."

3.) Your website violated our terms of service, we are not obligated to initiate immediate contact with you upon suspension; Majority of the times we will notifiy you AFTER we suspend your account, but we NEVER contact before a suspension. Any ToS violations are suspended immediately.

4.) We will not be refunding you any money--that was your decision to find hosting with another company while you still had time left over with Holdfire. We only have a refund guarantee when you are a new client within your first 14-days of hosting with us. You do not fall within that scope.

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