Weekly Web Hosting Horrors 2

Fri, 30th November 2007, 15:32

This week we've seen a number of problems arise in the industry. One of the larger, persistent problems is from a company bought out, iPowerWeb.

iPowerWeb problems continue

I've been losing my mind dealing with these iPowerWeb problems

iPowerWeb clients may have thought they were in the green after the large-scale botched migration that Endurance International Group had planned for them. Were they ever wrong. Problems continue to arise daily with many users being frequently locked out of their control panel vDeck, sudden loss of e-mail accounts and even worse complete data loss.

We've received a number of reports from users complaining about their accounts suddenly being wiped and reverted to data from months earlier. A great deal more users reported that since another migration occurred for their accounts on Friday, November 27th they've been unable to access any MySQL databases systemwide. Grass suddenly isn't looking too green on the other side of the migration at all.

I've been losing my mind dealing with these iPowerWeb problems

XSI Hosting preparing go missing?

XSI Hosting, a provider of shared web hosting solutions looks like they're preparing to disappear off the map. After multiple instances of 15+ hour downtime, there's still no signs of life coming from their support system. XSI Hosting owns Xanadu Servers, Hostfrog and a few other web hosting properties. While it's hard to confirm what is occurring at this point, what's known is that the owner and support for the company have been nonresponsive.

There have been rumors of a death in his immediate family or his own health deteriorating. We certainly wish him the best but leaving clients in the dark should be avoided. 

If anyone does happen to get in touch with the owner please feel free to let us know.

Avid Hosting disappears entirely.

A company by the name of Avid Hosting recently disappeared entirely leaving a large amount of their clients in the dark. A site was setup by one disgruntled client and is available below:

Avid Hosting

The stories listed there about them are very serious allegations. I'd recommend reading them.