Google Ups Ante On Social Engineering Policies

Thu, 12th January 2017, 19:17

Last year Google announced it would start warning users when they were about to visit a website with "deceptive embedded content." Google describes this deceptive content as "social engineering ads," most commonly pop-ups that persuade the user they need to install software in order to view content, or official-looking forms that deceive people into sharing their passwords or calling a premium-rate tech support telephone helpline.

Website found to be violating some form of the rules were flagged and every user visiting their page got a hard to miss bright red warning. But the warning only lasted as long as the problem and once the offending issue was fixed, everything returned to normal.


Google deceptive site warning


Seems Google has had enough of individuals looking for ways around their Social Engineering Policies, and are bringing down the mallet on violators. The days of offenders fixing their site and playing nice long enough for the warning to be removed, before going back to their old ways are over. The updated policy for repeat offenders will see offender receive a warning on their page but they will also have to wait thirty additional days after the fix before losing the warning tag.

Google is hoping this change will incentive players not to be evil!

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