Server Mania Promo: 30% off Cloud Servers

Wed, 11th January 2017, 20:32

Server Mania’s slogan - "Hosting Empowered" - reflects their dedication to the needs of their client and their devotion to equipping them with all the resources needed to be ahead of the competition. Backed by Server Mania’s powerful Surge platform, Cloud, Hybrid and Dedicated Server Hosting solutions can be deployed in as little as 2 minutes. Server Mania offers Free DDoS protection up to 1 Gbps on all server hosting accounts and offers custom options designed to meet the needs of any business.

Now Server Mania is running a special sales promotion till the end of the month that's giving 30% off the first month for High Availability Cloud Servers. The main benefit of the Openstack public cloud hosting service over traditional hosting delivery models is the rapid deployment and elasticity. All cloud servers are automatically backed up and will deploy in 15 minutes!

30% off ServerMania Cloud Servers

Offer Expired.


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