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Tue, 20th August 2013, 12:15

Web Hosts Screwing Low Cost Customers with Poor Support. It shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that companies can be immoral. Their goal is to make as much money off of you while giving you as little as possible in return. Profit is the point of a business. Some Web hosts take that immorality and expand upon it to down right evilness. Search for a cheap web host, and even if they advertise differently, chances are the support you get from them will not be top-notch. Is that your fault or the companies?


False Advertising

The old adage “you get what you pay for” applies in most cases. Some hosts are known to charge clients extra for real support. Others charge extra for tech support that is outside the scope of web hosting. Some web hosting companies suggest if you need support then you should use another web host. The issue isn’t low cost hosts providing cruddy support. The real problem is hosts that advertise top-tier support then fail to deliver it.

An example is JaguarPC which claims on their website: 

  • 24/7/365 Support via Live Phone, Chat, Email, Ticket System
  • 24/7/365 Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Staff and offices onsite in the datacenter for faster turnaround
  • Detailed Support knowledge base with video tutorials, articles, and guides
  • Active community forums with management participation
  • Updated active company blog


JaguarPC New Priority Support Option

recent post in the JagPC blog suggests that they are the latest web host to offer a Priority Support Option:

JaguarPC is continually enhancing its services and hosting plan options to better suit the needs of all our clients. Here at JaguarPC we understand that some of our clients require additional monthly managed assistance that can exceed our standard managed service plans.

Step up to more diversified, robust and option packed first class managed services package. This additional option is specifically tailored to those clients who need more managed service choices for administrative work, the fastest possible responses times and enhanced security options through scripting and our Malware scanning features. Our customers have expressed a need for this type of service and we are now delivering.

Your needs for extra managed service administration times, an expedited ticket queue, additional monthly services and specialized service can now easily be addressed when you sign up for our Managed Plus Program.

(editor’s note.. we edited that for brevity)

Of course looking at the JaguarPC web hosting reviews you’ll find that some take exception and claim the support is anything but as good as they claim it to be.

A review left by reviewer jcn50 on HostJury:

I was working to keep this website only (after many hosting companies which I tried and posted a review of), and wanted to give a shot to JaguarPC for their past performance...

I didn't get any follow-up to my ticket within 24 hours: just to restore my CPanel backup/migration... So I gave up and asked for a refund (which I got after another 24 hours).

I think their support is just drowning; I would be scared to host anything there!

There are reports by other HostJury reviewers of their negative comments on the JaguarPC forums being deleted:

I noticed my thread that mentioned poor support is missing from Wednesday and trying to follow the link to my own thread says I don't have permission. If you don't want to see negative feedback, don't provide poor support.

Hosts want to keep advertising their excellent service record, but don’t want to suffer the consequences when they fail to deliver.


Protecting Yourself

JaguarPC is just an example of the problem; they are by no means the only host on the web that does this. You can find any number of hosts that advertise excellent support on their low tier plans to draw customers in, and then fail to deliver. Their goal? They want people to pay for their extra expensive and exclusive support tier or get nickeled and dimed to death paying small print & hidden fees. What can you do to prevent getting caught by one of these false advertisements?

The first rule is, remember the golden rule: You get what you pay for. The cheaper the host, the more likely it is that they will try to create extra “add-ons” to make up for the cheap hosting.

Second, if you can’t avoid choosing a low cost hosting provider, then read as many independent reviews as possible to see what problems other people have had with the low cost service. Then be prepared to do much of the troubleshooting yourself when those things go wrong.

Finally, try the host first. Use their free period to your advantage. Do NOT transfer your domains and hosting there until you are positive the host can serve your web sites well for a reasonable period of time. The last thing you want is to get everything transferred to the new host to realize that you need to find a new host. Not only will that be time consuming (and hurtful from an SEO perspective), but will also cost more money.

Have a comment or horror story? Talk back in the comment section below and write a review of your web hosting provider.


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