Dedicated Server Company declines $ to bring Zio Inc servers back on-line

Thu, 8th December 2011, 17:25

The Zio Inc story can teach numerous lessons on properly researching a prospective web host prior to committing yourself and your data. Questions regarding off site backups, financial stability, and the ability to easily generate and download a backup or copy of your data are as important as package limits, data transfer specs, and security measures that the web host utilizes.

On December 1st the owner of Zio Inc awoke to what he describes as a ridiculously long, almost 104 (editor's note... almost 104?), voice mails from clients informing him that the servers were off line. Zio's owner claims that the night before he had notified the dedicated server company he was leasing servers from, that a payment on services would be made by 6PM EST the next business day.

Apparently the company took the servers off line including those which Zio attests where current. Zio further states that the company required full payment for all the servers that were with them before the ones that I had been making timely payments on for THE LAST 2 YEARS could be reactivated.

It appears that the owner of Zio Inc made some inquiries on December 1 where it is alleged that statements including death threats were made to staff of the dedicated server company.

HostJury has chosen to refrain from identifying the dedicated server company hosting the servers as it appears their actions have been professional, and in keeping with industry protocol. It also appears this company allowed the servers to remain on-line for over 3 months. (past due dates on some invoices in August)

As always seems the case when a web host abruptly goes off line, a number of clients are finding themselves marooned with no website, data, or backups that can be restored on another web host. Web hosting companies can transfer data and websites from another host, but the server needs to be on-line to accomplish this.

HostJury approached the dedicated server company involved, inquiring whether it was possible to bring the servers on-line for 24 hours so that clients of Zio without backups, would have an opportunity to retrieve their data. HostJury offered to pay the cost associated with bringing the servers on-line for 24 hours.

Dedicated Server Company Response:

At this time no data will be released from any servers allocated to Zio Inc due to an ongoing legal investigation. If any clients of Zio Inc are frustrated with this decision, they can of course contact legal representation and direct that frustration via action against Zio Inc regarding their data.

We cannot and will not accept any payment for these services from anyone other then our direct client as per our privacy policies. Our direct client has been given numerous avenues for resolving his situation and is the only one who can resolve this situation affectively.

For clients of Zio Inc, it may be encouraging news that their data still exists, and likely will until at least the legal investigation is complete. Equally disheartening may be the knowledge that releasing that data may hinge on Zio Inc.