'HostDepartment does the needful and posts fake reviews'

Tue, 11th January 2011, 20:54

Indian Web hosting company HostDepartment resorts to posting fake reviews on HostJury! A quick search of HostDepartment will quickly reveal that this webhost has been very efficient at controlling SEO and the page one result of search queries. HostDepartment could be considered one of the poorest rated webhosting companies reviewed on HostJury with support and uptime rated at less than ten percent. In an attempt to thwart the rating system, HostDepartment felt compelled to indulge in some ill conceived fraudulent reviews posting.

Nettlinx, the parent company of HostDepartment boasts on its website “ Through a series of strategic business moves, Host Department became the Tier 1 host the company is known as today.”... HostJury could argue that Host Department might want to rethink their strategy!

“Host Department thrives in an industry that is constantly reinventing itself.” … Alright, some could argue that solving issues could alleviate the need to reinvent!

“With innovations in customer service, ease of use, and special features for Host Department customers, the company continues to stay one step ahead of the competition.” … Posting fraudulent reviews is another

“Host Department employees take pride in offering some of the best 24 hour a day, customer-oriented support in the industry”.... Their forte is certainly not in posting fake review

HostDepartment merits joining a growing echelon of shamed webhosting companies such as iPower and AISO with the dubious esteemed stature of being caught posting fraudulent reviews.


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