Liquid Web Powers New Windows VPS Offering with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers

Tue, 6th May 2008, 20:22

RENTON, Wash., May 6, 2008 – Liquid Web, a leading managed hosting provider, has launched a new Microsoft Windows virtual private server (VPS) offering powered by Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. The offering will be delivered from Liquid Web’s two fully owned and operated mid-western datacenters. This represents an expanded partnership with Parallels, who already supplies Liquid Web with Parallels Plesk Control Panel software, which is bundled with all Windows dedicated server offerings.

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers includes the Parallels Infrastructure Manager, a robust set of management tools that helps Liquid Web personnel deliver their “Heroic Support,” which has become a trademark of their services. Using the Parallels Infrastructure Manager and Parallels Plesk control panel software, Liquid Web can offer their customers a control panel for adding software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications as well as the ability to scale the size of their VPS.

"We are pleased that Liquid Web has selected Parallels Virtuozzo Containers and the Parallels Open Platform for this important new offering and that our two companies are deepening our partnership," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Parallels. "Parallels Virtuozzo Containers offers the highest levels of density, manageability and scalability, which makes it an ideal solution for datacenter owners who want to offer a wide variety of fully managed services,"

Liquid Web takes advantage of the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers’ architecture to offer "burstable" memory – for example, temporarily adding more memory to a container during a short period of high activity – so clients may have access to more server resources than they actually pay for. The architecture provides this capability while guaranteeing minimal levels of service so clients never have less memory than they contract for.

"Our VPS offerings give a significant competitive advantage over hypervisor-based solutions," said Travis Stoliker, Marketing Director of Liquid Web. "The high density, reliability, power savings, and management tools of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers allow us to provide our customers with more attractive offerin

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is the world's leading operating system (OS) virtualization solution. On a single physical server and single OS installation, it enables users to run workloads in multiple, simultaneously running execution environments called "containers". Compared to other virtualization technologies, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers offers the highest levels of density, performance and manageability.

The Parallels Open Platform enables hosting with Parallels virtualization and automation technology through integration with a wide range of third-party applications and systems. The Application Packaging Standard (APS), a key element of the platform, is used by independent software vendors (ISVs) and service providers to seamlessly integrate applications to offer to the more than 10 million businesses and individuals that use Parallels products.

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